" Consent  Elevators has the knowledge and experience you can rely on "

Consent  Elevators is one of india’s leading lift manufacturers with a well-established reputation for quality and reliability. We occupy a particularly competitive position in the lift market as we are one of the few fully independent lift companies in India  able to offer an almost limitless range of lifts and components. This includes lifts with or without a machine room in an enormous range of sizes and configurations, hydraulic lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, & car lifts  made to measure to satisfy a client’s special requirements – and more.
Consent  Elevators has almost  professional atmoshphare as a lift designer and manufacturer, including over well exploring trend & technology . Our clients and collaborators include lift companies both large and small, architects and consultants, with the straight forward aim of providing  Indian  lift professionals with vertical transport solutions of high added-value: lifts which are easy to install and maintain, reliable and long-lasting with competitive pricing and specification.


  • Experience and know-how.We have collaborated with many  companies for our technology development in all direction . 
  • We are not intermediaries.
  • We do not supply end customers in the CONSENT ELEVATORS. We manufacture exclusively for our professional clients.
  • We are experienced lift professionalswho design and manufacture our own lift systems. Our experience of lift installation and maintenance within the indian  market is fully integrated into our design process, giving us the hands-on know-how entirely lacking in manufacturers with no experience in installation and maintenance.
  • Our manufacturing plants are among the most modern and technologically-advanced .
  • We provide our customers with detailed and comprehensive technical support (both electrical and mechanical) tailored to their particular requirements during installation and/or maintenance operations.
  • Our lifts have a well-deserved reputation for top quality, reliability, durability and ease of installation and maintenance.
  • All equipment is supplied with detailed and comprehensive documentation and instruction manuals designed to provide optimum operational assistance.
  • Our lift systems are fully adaptable, on customer request, for compliance with any particular INDIA standard or regulation.
  • We have been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining all types of elevators.