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Consent  elevators’s integrated design and manufacturing process creates the widest range of lift systems imaginable. Our passenger, goods passenger and goods lifts are specially designed to suit every particular project, whether new-build or conversion:

We offer a comprehensive range of standardised lifts-top quality pre-designed solutions, fully compliant with current Indian and international standards and regulations, and capable of resolving all vertical transport requirements in whatever context, from private residences to offices, hospitals, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial plants and so on.

In addition, CONSENT ELEVATORS enjoys an excellent and growing reputation for the design and manufacture of lifts custom-built to suit special conditions. Here, we help our customers to accurately define the particular lift system which they require and we then manufacture it to their exact specifications. Among our most popular products are special firefighting lifts, super-sized lifts, vandal-resistant lifts, corrosion-resistant lifts, inclined lifts, heavy-duty goods lifts and special car  and automobile lifts.

CONSENT  ELEVATORS can manufacture any type of lift system imaginable-the possibilities are limitless. Our engineering experience and skills combine with the exceptional flexibility of our lift manufacturing process to enable us to deliver cost-effective and competitive solutions for vertical transport projects of all kinds.

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CONSENT  ELEVATORS is fully committed to supplying its customers with top quality high-performance lift systems.

  • From the moment an order is received, our Export Department activates an ERP (EnterpConsent Resource Planning) system to integrate all information across our entire organisation to guarantee full traceability from start to finish.
  • Our production process is unique.It incorporates the latest available technologies in laser cutting cells, automated bending and folding machinery, intelligent storage systems and the automated painting of components. Manual processes are carried out by highly-qualified trained personnel. The result is a lift system with guaranteed performance, error-free assembly, with high-quality finishes and exceptional durability.
  • Every completed lift system is delivered in its packaging and with all the required technical dossiers and instruction manuals, fully detailed and in English. A comprehensive packing list is supplied with an exhaustively detailed listing of every single element included in the order, all packaged in easily distinguishable and identifiable units.
  • Every system is delivered with all the appropriate certification.
  • English and Hindi language technical support, with extended opening hours.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with a top-quality product. If any manufacturing fault leads to any component being delivered in a defective or unsatisfactory condition, we automatically and rapidly replace it.
  • Comprehensive technical support. Always think of the customer – that’s our philosophy. Our advice and support is available to our clients well before any sale, should they so require. Our technical support is comprehensive: both electrical and mechanical. Our engineers are at our customers’ disposal to guide them through the installation and maintenance procedures, from start to finish.


Consent  Elevators is a company completely committed to the unceasing pursuit of technological progress. Which is why we have an R&D + Modernization department dedicated to coming up with new lift solutions and improvements for the lift industry, year in and year out. As a direct result, our company is constantly developing brand new products for complex national and international projects in over fifty countries across all five continents. Our steady investment in research and innovation and the improvement of our products are values which are fundamental to our company’s corporate culture as is reflected in our lifts’ unfailingly high technological standards.

  • The overriding objective of our R&D+M department is to anticipate our clients’ needs so that we can continue to offer them brand new features and ever-improving performance: from making all our lifts more comfortable, to updating them in line with new national and international regulations, to improving each product’s performance, its energy-saving characteristics and its environmental impact.
  • Lift users are, of course, the ultimate beneficiaries of this continuous process of innovation, riding lifts which are ever more spacious, smooth and comfortable, which do not vibrate or generate noise as they travel, which are more reliable and so less often out of service, which are more precise and levelled-out at landing and which are increasingly environmentally friendly. To achieve such results CONSENT ELEVATORS’s R&D+i department is continually developing new solutions, such as working with new gearless traction systems which are completely silent and eco-friendly , using special high-resistance steel which significantly lowers the weight of our products, monitoring product performance so as to progressively improve the technical support which we can provide, and so on.
  • Our R&D+i department uses sophisticated tools and processes in the design of new products, such as the innovative 3-D mechanical design software programmes, which simulate every new product before manufacture and ensure that it does not go into production until it has fully satisfied our stringent test parameters for reliability, operation and responsiveness.
  • The electrical and electronic components of our lifts are manufactured with absolute precision, employing microprocessors which require the use of low-level software development platforms and microprocessor emulators, so as to guarantee a perfect match between the original input data and the output results.
  • Many applications require the use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and communication simulators using different protocols where the lifts have to be integrated into industrial communication networks using different types of communications standards. All the improvements which we introduce are created using an innovative electrical system with which we configure the control cabinets and wiring networks in accordance with international standards .


We provide our customers with excellent technical support during the installation process:

We provide a support service in real time and with real highly-qualified personnel – no more long-winded and time-wasting pre-recorded messages. Our professional staff are always available to all our customers for consultation.

Our professional record is our best guarantee. In almost fifty years of existence, we have had not a single case of a lift getting stuck or a customer being left unattended.

We have spare parts available for all our lifts, all of which are easily traceable using the lift reference number, the plan reference number, the control system reference number – not to mention the site address.

The electrical layout documentation which we supply is 100% specific to the lift system delivered – it is not generic.

Some of our products are supplied with explanatory installation and assembly videos.

“ In Elevator Business, What is most important as Technology is:- Service

We belive in this chain process :-

“Your 100% satisfaction is our prime moto.”